“C” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




Depending on the aura of your dream, to dream of a cabbage can portray both good and bad messages. If the cabbage is fresh, it can be taken as a healing agent or cleanser for depression and/or sickness. If the cabbage is rotting and foul smelling, this can represent a decaying condition in your environment or emotional state.


To dream of food in a cafeteria or buffet style setting can represent some idea or ideas that need to be absorbed. Too much food in the cafeteria may signify that you are fed up with a condition or relationship. If fear permeates that condition of the food, this may indicate that something has been bothering you of late.


To dream of being in a cage symbolizes a need to be free. It can represent the desire to flee a restricting situation or relationship.


Cakes in a dream tend to suggest celebration or triumph at your own accomplishments. It can also signify the celebration of a new relationship or successes at work that have gone unnoticed by yourself, your family, friends, or co-workers.


Dreaming of cancer is not necessarily a negative thing and does not mean that you have or will have cancer at any time. However, to dream of cancer often indicates an unfortunate condition in your life that has been consuming you physically, mentally, or emotionally for too long.


Candles have a spiritual essence that suggests protection from the unseen and guidance through unknown territory. Numerous candles together, in one mass, symbolize a unifying purpose or cause, such as a march or a celebration. Putting out candles can be an omen of ending overindulgence or the passing of a problem or problematic situation.


Cannibalism often tends to exemplify a need to own and possess power over the life force of someone or something else. To dream of being the victim of cannibalism may indicate a sense of desperation by work, stress, a relationship, or from another situation or condition within your life.


A baseball cap, a hat, a manhole cover, a snow “capped” mountain, or even a night cap before bed can symbolize a feeling of completion of some problem, situation, or of a job well done.


A motor vehicle, a train car, an amusement park car, or even an elevator car can represent your self in your dream. This type of dream can imply self-control issues. To dream of being the driver of a car can mean that you are taking charge of your own life, however, to be in the passenger seat may indicate that you are taking a slower approach to life and are content to be led by others.

To dream of being in a car controlled by another force, such as an elevator or amusement park ride, can symbolize a sense of reaching new heights before you are ready to. However, it can also symbolize yourself getting out of a difficult situation, rising above your problems.


A castle in your dream indicates recognition of your outstanding achievements. However, a castle can also represent a defense mechanism and can symbolize a situation or event in which you need to protect yourself.


Castration can signify a sense of inadequacy of sexual repression or a fear of losing yourself in the sexual act. It can also indicate feelings of deep guilt and sometimes a fear of growing up or aging. Castration can also represent a sense of impotence over a situation or argument.


A symbol of independence and power, cats also represent the animal self with you. Cats are also symbols of femininity, prosperity, sexuality, and power. The black cat is a messenger of bad luck (Although in English folklore it may be a sign of good luck). A more modern definition, when you dream of cats, is that you might be on the verge of depression. White or silver cats are generally considered to predict good fortune. However, a white cat alongside a black one, of the same species, suggests a struggle for dominance between the light and the dark side of your self.


To dream of a cave represents a place to seek refuge or to hide. To leave a cave can signify the emergence of something within your self. A cave may also symbolize the womb, childbirth, a new life, contemplation, or creativity.


A cellar is a natural sign of your subconscious. Going down into a cellar can represent going into your own self and past. (See Basements)


To dream of visiting a cemetery can indicate sadness or a grief that you have not yet come to terms with. Alternatively, it can also represent a closed chapter in your life.


Dreaming of binding chains can symbolize a happy marriage or union. It can also represent them missing link in a solution or a problem that you are experiencing. A chain in a dream can also represent a succession of events, linked together in a chain reaction. To dream of chains an also represent a need to break bonds or links with people, ideas, or situations.


A chair in your dream can represent taking a breather and reevaluating before proceeding. If you are the provider of the chair in your dream, it could mean that it is time to take some one on one time with your self. If you are being offered the chair, it suggests that you should be open to suggestions and advice. However, if you find your self in the proverbial “Hot Seat”, you should proceed cautiously with any activities, events, or situations.


To dream of being chased suggests that you may be running away from something, or some sort of situation in your life, that you find very threatening. If you are the one giving chase in your dream, this may signify that you are chasing after a difficult objective.


To dream of a cherry is traditionally taken as a good omen. Dreams of cherries can represent good fortune.


Children in your dream(s) can represent your interior, emotional, needs. A desire to return to a more simple and easy way of life can be indicated by a dream of children. It can also symbolize a longing for the past or for a chance to satisfy repressed desires and unrealized dreams. It is common for parents, who have lost children, to dream of them until the parents have come to terms with their child’s passing.


Chimneys often represent the “Hearth and Home”, which indicates a warmth and security that you feel when dreaming of this symbol.


For many people, chocolate is considered to be an indulgence. As this is the case, if you dream of chocolate, it can symbolize that you feel a need to be rewarded or acknowledged. However, it can also mean that you may have been overindulging yourself and that you need to practice some restraint.


Dreaming of a religious temple, church, monastery, etc., indicates a need to spend some time alone. A time to reflect and gather your spiritual nourishment. However, it can also symbolize isolation from your normal, day to day, flow of life.


A circle can represent many different meanings as in the spiritual oneness, the completeness of numbers in mathematics, protection by ritual drawing of a circle, or bringing attention to something by circling it. A circle can also represent frustration that you may be experiencing. Socially and romantically, a circle can symbolize a being in the right place with the right people.


A dream about a city really depends on the association that you have with it. Traditionally, a city within a dream denotes positive implications. In ancient times, cities were filled with bustling commerce and glorified entertainment. However, in today’s society, cities are filled with crime, gangs, and police brutality.


To dream of participating in a class can represent the learning of life’s lessons, however, if you are the teacher in your dream, it can symbolize a need to be the authority in matters of life.


Whether climbing a ladder, a rope, or up the side of something in a dream, this can symbolize a struggle that you are experiencing to overcome obstacles or ones that you have just recently overcome. Climbing also indicates a rising in a social, economic, or creative growth.


An overcoat or cloak suggests a desire for warmth, security, and protection. However, on the darker side, a cloak can also symbolize a need to cover something up or to hide something.


A dream of clocks can mean a fear of not being on top of things or of being behind schedule. A clock may also represent a timer, like for those that believe their time is running out or it might represent a biological clock letting you know that it is time to have children.


A closet may signify a hiding place for people or things. A closet in your dream can represent hidden skeletons locked away in your past or it can also represent a revealing of a part of you that you have kept hidden.


Clothes in a dream often signify your own persona. To dream of old and shabby clothing can indicate a change in old ways or ways of thinking. To repeatedly change your clothes within your dream can symbolize a need for change and for conforming to the ever-changing world. New clothes can represent new things in your life, such as social or economic growth. Dreaming of wearing clothes that are too small or too short for you suggests a yearning for the innocence of childhood or for old pleasures that are no longer available.


Dreaming of clouds can represent a clouded mind or perspective. If you dream of stormy clouds, it is possible that you may encounter anger in your waking life. Dreams such as this one often portray confusion and obscurity. To dream of clouds rolling across a clear blue sky, this may depict the resolution of unclear issues or situations.


If you dream of using a club as a weapon against someone or if the club is used against yourself, this may illustrate that feelings of aggression or submission are currently at issue. If you dream of being included in a club, this can denote a desire to belong or that you strive to secure a social, economic, or cultural identity.


An overcoat or cloak suggests a need for warmth, security, and protection.


A safe place for healing or transformation, to dream of a cocoon can symbolize a desire for relief against life’s overburdening pressures and stress. A dream like this indicates a place where your subconscious can regenerate and can create new courses of expression.


A coffin in your dream implies a physical confinement or a restriction of physical expression. If you dream of a dead person inside the coffin, it may indicate a hopeless situation in your waking life. However, like the dream symbol of the cocoon, the coffin can also possess a restorative meaning.


To dream of wearing a collar represents constraints and confinements. Collars can also signify control or subservience. It an also represent frustrations with your job, work, or a confining relationship.


Numerous colors in your dream points to energy, since colors are vibrations of light. A singular color, in your dream, can only be interpreted by your own associating with that color. For instance, the color red may be interpreted as love, romance, and/or sexual intercourse. However, for another person, the same color may represent death, destruction, and blood. Black may denote evil, whereas it could represent sophistication or elegance for someone else.


Columns in your dream symbolize strength and work, as columns are known to hold things up. Columns can also symbolize organization. To dream of this symbol can point to burdens or support that you are providing to others which have become heavy situations.


Many famous artists received inspiration from their dreams. To dream of being a composer can suggest that you may be creative or play a directive role in one area of your life or another.


Depending on the occupation of the dreamer, to dream of contamination can mean a variety of things. For example, if you are a sanitary superintend, you may be wearied by the daily grind. However, to another dreamer, contamination in a dream may suggest that they are going through an internal battle.


Dreams of corn can point to a natural growth or fertility. It can represent a form of nourishment that you need or can provide to others.


To dream of a lot of correspondences may point to something, such as an e-mail, letter, package, or other form of communication that you are expecting. To write a letter or e-mail in your dream may indicate a sense of need to communicate with someone in your waking life.


Dreaming of being in costume can point to a hidden part of yourself that is being cloaked purposefully. (See Clothes)


A couch can symbolize much needed rest, healing, or a therapist’s couch. To dream of a couch can also symbolize a first love experienced on this piece of furniture.


Traditionally, Courts represent justice, authority, and order. To dream of this symbol can indicate an internal struggle with issues of guilt and apprehension. This dream can also suggest feelings of judging others or being judged.


The appearance of a cow in your dream can represent passivity, docility, or fertility. If you dream that the cow is ready to be milked, this can indicate nourishment and fulfillment. To dream of cows grazing in a field, contentedly, points to happiness and prosperity.


As a symbol of both the sea and the sky, dreaming of a crab can represent physical and intellectual nourishment both from the sea and the horoscopes. Claws, which are tenacious and clinging, may represent a relationship that you are in, especially if the relationship is a romantic one.


Dreaming of being part of a crowd can signify a hunger to lead a more anonymous role in life, getting rid of worries and responsibilities that have become too great of a burden. If you dream that a crowd is staring at you, you may be worried about making a bad impression on others.


To close the curtains or to hide behind them indicates that you may have issues or something that you would like to hide from others.

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