“E” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




Eagles, especially as spiritual symbols, fall under the great umbrella of “Birds”. A common legendary scenario involves an eagle locked in battle with a land faring animal. This type of dream can symbolize a struggle between your spirit or your mind and your worldly needs and desires. Dreams of eagles can also represent nobility and authority as eagles have often been linked with Kings. Other representations may include pride, courage, and fierceness.


Ears naturally symbolize listening, be it to advice, the prompting from your conscience, or from divine enlightenment. Ears are also frequently associated with women and sex.


A dream of the earth can represent a number of things, like solidity, stability, fertility, and a sense of knowing what you need to do. The earth symbolizes the physical body and the physical world, rather than the world of ideas or spirit. A dream of the entire world can signify wholeness or a oneness of your self.


Dreams of natural disasters frequently take place during times of climaxes in life. Since the earth represents the physical body and therefor the material foundation of life, an earthquake can be symbolic of a financial upheaval or life threatening illnesses or accidents.


The east, traditionally know as the direction from which the sun and other celestial bodies rise, symbolizes new beginnings, chances, and opportunities.


Eating can sometimes signify the sustenance of non-physical forms of nourishment. Eating can also symbolize delight or indulgence, however, it can also have a more negative connotation as in feelings of anxiety or of being overwhelmed.


An eclipse requires both the sun, which symbolizes the conscious, rational self, and the moon, which represents the emotional or subconscious self. Uniting these to elements in your dream can signify a coming together of separate parts of your self. It can also stand for the shadowing of reason or consciousness by emotions or your subconscious.


Eels encompass many of the connotations that snakes or serpents do. Although their watery conduct link them more particularly with the unconscious, they can also be phallic symbols and indicate unconscious sexual desires. They might also symbolize something within your unconscious that you are fearful of.


Eggs are global symbols of fertility, new birth, regeneration, and wholeness. A dream of a broken egg or eggs can represent a broken or ruined stage in your life. It can also symbolize a breaking out of habitual habits or long standing traditions.

Electrical Plug

Electricity is affiliated and connected with energy and power. It can represent danger or a shock that you need to caution against.


Elephants can be a symbol of gigantic size and memory. Elephants can also symbolize a daunting task or an effort to remember something important.


Part of the larger meaning of falling, elevators also play a part in the meanings of height and depth. As this is the case, ascending in an elevator may indicate a anything from rising in social or financial status or awareness. If you dream of descending in an elevator, this can symbolize a lowering into the subconscious or of losing your status or awareness. Elevators are also commonly regarded as a threatening symbol as they have been known to plummet thereby killing all of its passengers.

Eleventh hour

A common symbol notifying you that the time draws near, referring mostly to death or to some sort of deadline. If you dream of a clock face reading eleven o’clock often indicates feelings of anxiety or stress about a deadline that you must meet.


A feeling of emptiness in your dream can signify a sense of having nothing to show for all the time and effort that you have invested in some aspect of your life, such as a business proposal, project, or personal relationship.


Entrances, as the name indicates, suggests a transition or entering into a new phase of your life. Entryways into your home indicate an entry into your deeper self. Entrances to cellars, basements, caves, or other underground area may signify probing into your subconscious. Blocked or locked entrances may symbolize difficulties or fears associated with entering. (See Doors/Doorways)


Dreaming of an envelope can symbolize anticipation or opportunity. If the envelope remains unopened, this may suggest that you have missed an opportunity. However, if you dream of waiting, anticipating, to receive or to open an envelope, this can mean that you will experience an extraordinary outcome of an event in your life.


An eruption of any kind, such as a volcanic or geyser eruption, can point to a powerful breakthrough of something, or of some memory, from your unconsciousness. It can also point to repressed thoughts and/or urges that are brought to the surface of your consciousness.


To escape something in your dream can suggest that you may have an issue or condition that you are refusing to face in your waking life. However, a dream of escape, such as from a sinking ship, can also indicate the need to escape something in your life that you have no choice but to leave or run from.


Evergreens, such as pine trees, commonly represent immortality, as they do not shed their foliage, even in the bitterest cold. They can, for the same reason, symbolize optimism and hope in the face of hopelessness.


A dream of taking a test can indicate a fear or anxiety of failure. However, on a more positive note, a dream of taking an examination can also represent successfully achieving or passing some event or situation in your life.


Traditionally and commonly known as waste, excrement is also known as nourishment and fertilizer for new growth. It has numerous translations and associations due to its classification in many different linguistic expressions. This symbol’s meaning greatly depends on the associations that you have with it and the tone and setting of your dream.


An explosion is very similar to an eruption, which brings forth, repressed memories or rage to the surface. In a more general sense, an explosion might represent an upheaval or chaotic time in your life. On a more positive note, an explosion or explosions might symbolize a tearing down of barriers and blockades.


In ancient times, the eye was believed to be the window of the soul. Dreaming of the eye, is a symbol of the mind and the light of understanding. Dreaming of something stuck in the eye may represent sexual intercourse. Believed in the ancient world to be the window of the soul, the eye symbolizes the mind and the light of understanding. Something stuck in the eye may represent sexual intercourse.


Wearing glasses in a dream is said to represent a desire to see things clearly. If one of the lenses is broken, you may be struggling with some inner conflict. If you are viewing the world through tinted, or “rose colored” glasses, you may be in need of a reality check to ensure that both feet are on the ground.

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