“J” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




Jackals are considered negative creatures because they scavenge dead bodies. In Egyptian mythology, the jackal led souls to the land of the dead. As a dream symbol, the jackal can signify transformation. It can also symbolize someone’s worst nightmare.


The jaguar represents speed, agility, and sleek power. It is also associated with mystical powers.


Some dream interpreters believe that jaws signify the gates to the underworld. Jaws in a dream can also indicate a bad meal, spiritual indigestion, or a bad mix of food that produces and old-fashioned “nightmare”.


Jewels in a dream often signify value in the spiritual sense of protection. Magic cures and healing energies are also traditionally attributed to jewels. In addition, they can signify inner wealth.


Dreaming of being at work while asleep signifies either overwork, over-involvement in one’s job, or a subconscious desire to be more productive in one’s professional life.


Humor in a dream is a good indication of lightheartedness and release from the tension that may have surrounded some issue. There is, however, also a negative side of humor, such as when someone or something is derided or made fun of.


A judge may represent an authority figure, in real life or in your psyche, which constantly condemns or criticizes spontaneous actions that are considered to be unruly and frivolous. Alternatively, judges may represent justice or good/bad judgment.


A dream in which one feels guilty about committing a wrong may indicate a subconscious need to condemn one’s actions. Alternatively, wrongful actions perpetrated against the dreamer may call of judgement.


To jump or leap over hurdles, even mountains, in a dream may indicate that you are experiencing great successes in waking life. The greater the leap, the greater the achievement.


The wild parts of your personality that may have been inhibited by social conditioning may express themselves in dreams of the jungle or the wild.


Junk symbolizes things that need to be let go of and discarded. In a dream, junk can also indicate rejected parts of the self that need to be re-appropriated.


Juries represent the part of the self that weighs the evidence and reaches a verdict. A jury may imply that the dreamer is guilty of self-denial and self-abandonment.

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