“L” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




A laboratory symbolizes a place to experiment with one’s inner feelings, beliefs, and fears.


A ladder can symbolize an aid in one’s climb to new levels of awareness of one’s inner world as well as greater understanding of outer conditions. Career and social standing are also symbolized by the ladder, as is material prosperity.


To dream of a secluded lake may portray some aspect of your self or your life that you seek to learn more about. If you dream of a river flowing into a lake, you could be trying to understand what lies beyond the natural course of our lives.


“As gentle as a lamb” is a common metaphor brought to mind by this symbol. In a dream, this symbol can signify a sacrifice, as in a “sacrificial lamb”. Your relationship with this dream symbol determines its meaning.


The earth symbolizes fertility and coupling. Hitting the ground hard indicates worries about a sexual relationship. Landing on the earth softly points to optimism about the outcome of a relationship. An airplane landing can symbolize feelings of completion. You may have felt out of control with issues or a situation that was up in the air but that is now being grounded.


Associations with lead revolve around heaviness. Lead in a dream may represent a condition that has weighed so heavily upon your consciousness that it feels like lead. Alternatively, lead is related to sluggishness, as in the expression, “get the lead out”.


To “get a leg up” on issues and conditions may symbolize that you have regained the confidence to stand up and take control again. Legs can also symbolize movement, particularly running.


Lens symbolize taking a better or a closer look at things. You may need to concentrate on something or focus on a situation that you have neglected or ignored.


Lettuce is a slang word for money. Depending on the dreamer’s association with this symbol, the dream may indicate fruitfulness or financial matters.


Libraries in a dream can imply the search for knowledge and the h8unber for ideas. It can also be a time for you to seek out new meanings in life.


Being lifted in a dream may symbolize that you are rising above unpleasant conditions, issues, or situation. Being lifted can also have the same connotations as ascending and height.


Illumination in a dream can symbolize the shedding of light on a situation or problem, enlightenment of your consciousness, and lighting the way on a physical or spiritual journey. The extinguishing of light may signify the end of an old situation. Spiritually, this is a very positive symbol.


The lighthouse is a symbol of guidance through dark waters, your unconscious or through turbulent emotions.


Lightning can symbolize sudden awareness as well as purification and purging through the flash of light.


The Lily is said to be one of the most spiritual of flowers. It possesses a fragrance that stimulates the glands and the chakras, which are the main psychic centers. The fragrance of the flower is said to transform your mood into a peaceful and blissful state.


The lion symbolizes daring, strength, and ferocity. As the King of the Jungle, the Lion also symbolizes royalty, leadership, and dominion. The specific implication depends on your associations with the lion in your dream.


Lips in contemporary culture often represent sensuousness, sex, love, and romance. They are also associated with communication, as in the familiar expression, “read my lips”.


Locks in a dream may represent an inability to get what you want or a sense of being kept out. Perhaps some ability, emotion, or thought is locked up inside you and it needs to be expressed. Locks can also be symbols of security.


Losing your keys and being locked out in a dream can indicate a fear of losing your position in life. If another person has locked you out, in your dream, then it represents a control issue, in your career or personal life that needs to be confronted and dealt with.


to see a beautiful lover in your dream is a special gift to your inner self. It signifies acceptance of self-worth and acknowledgment of your inner value.


Luggage may indicate that you are in need or want of a vacation. Alternatively, it can also mean that it is time to move on and that you need to dump some “emotional baggage”.

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