“S” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




To dream of saddles tell you that you will receive good news and welcome visitors. It also indicates that you may take a pleasant journey that will in some manner benefit your finances. To saddle a horse means you will receive money. To be in the saddle show3s you will rise to a position of authority.

Safe (locker)

A safe when used to protect valuables is a good omen which signifies security in your life while an empty safe in your dreams may mean loss or lack: loss if it has been broken into, or lack if it is simply empty.

Safe (baseball)

To dream you are safe on base means you will have good luck with a project. To see a famous ball player safe on base means you will have success coupled with fame and honor.


Saffron as used in cooking is a good omen meaning several different things such as; a tense situation being cleared up. A lessening of quarrels or combativeness in your life, making up after a spat, etc.. To see Saffron growing means you may have a false lover. Saffron in your dreams can also show that a calming influence is entering your life now and to drink a tea of it shows you should beware of false friends that could wreck your peace of mind. To dream on a pillow of saffron indicates a calm happy time is coming.


A dream of sage is an omen that foretells that your new family will practice thrifty ways and economize where possible. If a woman dreams she has over seasoned her food with it denotes extravagance that will lead to poverty. To drink sage tea shows that you will meet a difficult situation with calmness.


To have a dream where you are sailing on calm water show that you will have an easy time of it as you strive to make your fortune. A beautiful sail full of wind shows that you will be free from poverty and much misery. If you are on a small vessel this shows that your desires will remain modest and not beyond your means of earning them.


If you dream of a sailor you will be bound for a long and exiting ocean voyage. For women to dream of flirting with sailors shows she could be harmed by a jealous lover. A sailor who is whistling while he works denotes very good luck to the dreamer.


Dreaming of eating a salad could be your subconscious minds way of telling you to do just that! Perhaps by eating more salads you will forestall the sickness and ill health this dream denotes. If you dream of making it yourself this could mean a quarrel with a loved one.


Salt in a dream is an unhappy symbol that brings chaos and discord with it. Dreaming of salt will denote that things around you will get a little fouled up and slightly askew, to put it mildly. You will find quarrels in the family and with friends break out at the drop of a hat with little or no provocation. Should you be salting meat in your dream then will you find that debts you owe begin to fall behind and you get continually harassed over them.


A dream of saltpeter will bring with it an inconsolable grief over which you will have a hard time recovering as it may include the loss of a life. To use saltpeter in making pickles in your dream shows a big change in your life.


If you dream you are rubbing salve on someone’s wound this will show that you can be depended on to help a friend in a crisis. If the salve is being rubbed on you, you will win in the face of adversity, overcoming all obstacles.


A dream whereby you are being given merchandise samples denotes that you will see a good increase in your business. If you dream that you are given the choice between one sample or the other will show that you have a decision to make and it will be a complex one. A dream of assorted samples being picked over will show that you will have more opportunities in your life.

Sand dunes

While sand itself can be an adverse dream, sand dunes are a different matter altogether. A sand dune represents protection as these are protected from distraction by law and this dream shows that you are longing for, or actively seeking, protection in your life. To understand what the protection you are seeking actually is you will have to look to the other symbols in the dream and correlate it with the sand dune symbol.


Often a literal representation of sexual desire, sex also functions as a metaphor for attraction to qualities that your partner represents. Sex with a much older person, for example, typically reflects a desire for security. Sex with a celebrity reflects that our social status is “moving up” in the world. (A celeb treats us like an equal!) Sex with a friend or co-worker can be a metaphor for “good working chemistry.” Dreams of same sex relations are common. Are you curious, or do you just want to be as beautiful as your dream lover?


To see shacks or old buildings ready to be destroyed, or torn down, is a sign of the dreamer allowing his habits to tear down his personal house (the body). It bodes bad news and ill health for the dreamer unless the dreamer drastically changes his/her ways in a hurry; with a dream like this you can expect impending disaster to your health due only to bad habits or dissipation.

Sharpened weapons

Dreaming of sharpened weapons, such as knives, swords, or miscellaneous blades, could be a warning of suicidal tendencies or a secret death wish towards someone else. Traditionally, older dream writers believed that these symbols represented death, deception, indifference, or misunderstandings that could terminate close relationships.


A ship in your dream can represent your earthly career, but it can also suggest a greater journey towards finding spiritual fulfillment.


If you are shining your shoes you will soon hear of an exciting new business venture in which you will get involved. If you dream the shoes you are wearing are shabby and worn out, you can expect success in your business through hard work. New shoes mean overconfidence, but if you lose a shoe you will experience setbacks or losses. Shoes can also insinuate that you need to be realistic in your goals and that you need to keep both feet on the ground.


Skeletons are a classic symbol of mortality, but it an also imply spiritual liberation and cleansing. The demise of a fruitless phase in your life.


A snake, being the ages old symbol of evil or Satan makes it a bad omen to have one show up in a dream. To see a lone snake and feel threatened by it shows that you have a bad enemy that is even then working against you, it also a warning against bodily harm from an enemy. To dream of many snakes in a pit is the foreboding of much bad luck in love or business. Should you overcome and kill a threatening snake in your dream shows that you will overcome your adversary and win out.


To dream of snow in all its forms, on trees, storms, etc., is a dream of very good omen which shows you will have success in business or investments, but if you should eat the snow this will presage a long period of sadness for the dreamer.


All spiders except tarantulas are omens of good luck. If you see a spider climbing the wall you will have your dearest wish come true and if you see a spider spinning a web you will have an increase in your income due to hard work. A large spider sitting on a telephone shows you will have a phone call that will benefit you greatly. The larger the spider, the bigger the rewards.

Spider’s web

Because a cobweb is both the spider’s home and it’s lethal trap, to dream of a spider’s web may suggest that you are experiencing feelings of being pushed into something unwelcome. Spiders in a dream can also be a symbol of fate spinning the thread of destiny.


if you dream of speaking with an unknown spirit you should watch out for someone who is trying to deceive you. Generally if the spirit is known and welcomed it is a sign of great good luck and/or good fortune in business affairs.


All the world is a stage and we are all actors playing a part. The trick to figuring out this dream is to try to find the symbols that point to your ‘performance in life’. You will then be able to correlate the stage with any items you see on it and the actions of the actors as they role-play in order to receive the intended message.


If you are walking up the steps it is a sign of good luck in your present endeavors, but if you are walking downstairs expect to meet with bad luck and setbacks. If you should stumble and fall upward on the stairs you will have a happy marriage or relationship, but if you fall down them you must be more conventional in your attitude and lifestyle so you do not fall into disrespect.


If you dream of your stomach be cautious of trading confidences and doubly so if you dream you are sick to your stomach. A distended stomach is an indication of unhealthy eating habits and impending illness if there is not a quick change in dietary practices. If you dream your stomach is nice and flat, it is an indication that you should get more exercise.


A dream of suffocation could indicate that you are a victim of a particular kind of love that is so protective of you that you feel suffocated. This dream may be warning you to get out of an unhealthy relationship.


The dream of swimming must be interpreted by using all the aspects of your dream to judge the extent of the good or bad signified by swimming. If you dream you are swimming in the ocean coming toward shore you will have good fortune in business and financial affairs through your hard work.

To be swimming in a pool shows that you will be unlucky in love and if you see females swimming in the pool you will have luck with love, to see males you will have luck in business, and if you see both you will experience both types of luck. If you are teaching someone to swim you will soon have an increase due to good fortune.

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