“B” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




Crying babies in a dream may foretell of ill health or minor disappointments in your personal life while a bright, clean baby speaks of a wonderful love affair or even the making of many new friends. A nursing baby can mean contentment or even deception when taken in relation to other symbols in your dream. Dreaming of a baby can also denote the state of your soul life, again in relation to the other signs.


A woman dreaming of a bachelor denotes a loss of innocence and purity. A man who dreams of being a bachelor is a warning of an insincere female who will shortly be entering your life. It is also the sign of loss of honor and dignity.


Due to the mind’s inclination to literalize metaphors, the back in a dream can symbolize messages from familiar phrases, such as, “Watch your back”, meaning beware of treachery or deceptions.


Moving backward in a dream can indicate feelings of losing ground in some endeavor. To retrace your steps points to information that you may need to remember to assist in a current situation.


Playing backgammon and losing shows you will be unlucky in the pursuit of the opposite sex, To win denotes that you will have many friends and loved ones. To watch a backgammon game shows you will be, or will have, an unwelcome guest in the near future.


To dream of handling bacon with dirty hands is an ill omen and must be taken with the dream as a whole. Bacon that has gone rancid denotes a failed affair, either love or business. Curing bacon properly is a good sign that you are doing something right.


A badger is a fierce little animal and to see this fellow in a dream will show that you have put up quite a fight and won out over your opponents. An injured Badger tells you to fight another day.


A musical instrument such as a bagpipe seen in your dream is a sign of good fortune if the music is pleasing to the ear. If the player resembles a tramp and the sound is ugly and grating then will misfortune head your way.


To dream of making bail or needing to make bail is a dream where your subconscious is telling you that you need to accept help from professionals in your area of business, i.e. bail you out. To go bail for another could denote accidents and misadventure for the dreamer.


To dream of being a bailiff denotes that you are working hard to better your standard of living and your position at work. If the bailiff comes to arrest you then you are in some error in your business dealing and need to improve your ethics.


Associated with fishing, bait can symbolize anything from fishing for a good deal or for a compliment.


If you dream of an old fashion bake house then you are in danger of running into pitfalls that will be revealed to you. For a woman to dream this she will have her good name besmirched and false friends will drag her down.


Dreaming of a modern day bakery with all the good smells and smiling people denotes much richness and success for you. To dream you are making the bread shows you will be making more money in your endeavors.


If you are playing some sort of ball game as a sport you will soon be hearing some good news. If the ball you dream of is a gala event complete with music then the interpretation is somewhat different. It is a very good omen if you are having fun and enjoying the music and dancing but if it should be a masquerade ball you should watch out for an enemy posing as a good friend. Watching a ball game, or a dance from the sidelines, show that you must overcome shyness to join in the fun.


Balloons are often symbols of celebration. If you dream of balloons, they can also represent the release of emotions or creative ideas, while the string that the balloon is attached to keeps them from flying away. A deflated balloon can indicate disappointment or dissatisfaction.


To dream of being in a band is indicative of being a team player and can sometimes be a complex symbol, depending on your past associations.


A bank in your dream can represent something that you feel needs safekeeping. Banks also symbolize security, stability, and solidity.


If you dream that you are playing the banjo you will have an enjoyable time with friends. if you see someone else playing the banjo then you will meet an exciting new love. If you are listening to banjo music from afar you will soon have some visitors from out of town. To hear banjo music on a radio show, you will have success in love.


To dream of being baptized can signify a parallel awakening of spiritual renewal in your waking life. You may be going through a great change or upheaval and will come out of it a new person.


A barrier may symbolize an obstacle that you are working through in your life.


If you attend a baseball game in your dream you will find contentment and peace or mind. If you dream you are playing the game of baseball you will find contentment, but no real gains, in life unless you quit ‘playing’, and buckle down to achieving your goals.


Dreaming of going deeper and deeper into a basement can be interpreted as a trek through the many layers of experience that make up your life. It can represent a time trip into your past.


The dreamer is particularly unfortunate if he/she dream about these awful little ugly creatures as death almost always follows the dream of the bat, often it is the death of a child, or a youth. Seeing bats in your dream shows that many sorrows and grief is yours due to the evil that people direct against you. Death of a family member is denoted by a dream of a white bat., while a black bat brings personal disaster.


To see yourself working on a beach shows that you will soon be involved with a job, or project, that will be demanding of you in both time and effort. If you are just relaxing on a beach, this shows that you value and are in need of relaxation. If you see yourself sitting on a beach and letting the sand run through your fingers that shows that you are running out of time on something important due to idling your time away.


If a bear is pursuing you in your dream this is a sign that you will experience some financial losses in business. A bear also represents a rival you may have for your loved one, if the bear is seen to be climbing, then the outcome will be in your favor.


To see a beaver industriously building a dam shows that much hard work is to be expected before you eventually realize your goals. If the beaver is in distress, or has trouble with his building, this is indicative of a need to change your career, as the goal you have set may be unrealistic.


If you dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the outdoors this foretells much success in your endeavors. If you dream of going to bed with a stranger of the opposite sex, this is indicative of making friends too fast, and speaks for caution in affairs. A bed that is not your own shows that you can expect a small increase in good luck in your business affairs, and your own bed offers you security that you may be lacking in your life. If you are making up the bed you will have callers.


Beds and bedrooms have a variety of meanings, which range from sleep and relaxation to intercourse and marriage. The organization of a bed or bedroom, whether clean and tidy or messy and chaotic, play a large role in the state of a relationship. Further, if there is something underneath the bed it may indicate that there is something about the relationship that is still being hidden.


Seeing a busy beehive is indicative of many opportunities for you to get ahead and increase your earning power. If the hive is empty this forecasts sorrow over love affairs and a loss in income. If you, or someone else in your dream, should be seen destroying the hive then you will have many losses and suffer poverty for a time.


Bees have always been linked with love and fertility since ancient times. Dreaming of bees expresses your desires and doubts. You hope that your efforts will bring in sweet results, but are aware that you might get stung.


To dream of being beheaded can indicate traumatic memories relating to bad judgements or incorrect decisions that you have made.


To begin something in your dream is your subconscious telling you that you need to get on with what you have only been planning. It is a warning of wasting valuable time through procrastination.


All dreams of betrayal should be studied closely in connection with the entire dream to find out just who or what to expect betrayal from. Betrayal as an omen is not much to go on and the dreamer must take this as a literal warning of an insincere friend or lover and study the dream with this in mind. Sometimes things can ‘betray’ you by not giving you value and satisfaction for cost.


Birds are complicated symbols that can hold a variety of different meanings. To dream of a bird or birds flying, can represent freedom, either physical, emotional, or psychological. Dreams of crows, rooks, and ravens are usually said to be omens of bad luck or death. There was, however an English writer of dreams, Thomas Tryon (1634-1703), that said that crows were a sign of success in business.


To dream of feeding birds with much birdseed promises a very large income in the near future, and if you are spreading it around on the ground, your business will ‘take root’ and grow. This is a good dream and it also is an encouragement to the dreamer to forge ahead with his/her plans and not be deterred by misplaced loyalty, in other words, don’t let someone rain on your parade.


Dreams of birth can represent the beginnings of new ideas or projects. To dream of your self or someone else giving physical birth can also represent the actual act of giving birth. Many to-be Mothers or fathers dream of unusual or difficult births. This dream suggests a fear or anxiety towards the birthing process, it does not signify or predict a difficult birth to come or a malformed child.

Birthday cake

To dream of a birthday, complete with the cake, shows that you will have much good luck come your way through the well wishes of good friends. If the cake looks ugly in the dream, then you will have some minor bad luck that will not be long lasting, or devastating to the dreamer.


This is a dream of very ill omen and it shows that you are in danger of suffering ill from the hands of someone who has wished you harm for a long time. It also a wish to undo something that you may have done that is past being repairable, as well as a warning of physical harm and monetary losses. If you dream of being bitten by a vampire this shows there is someone in your life that is draining you, or your resources, and you need to eliminate this person from your life.


To dream of biting someone could be a warning that you are overdoing the pressure you are applying to certain people and causing them pain. In other instances it tells of low business practices and a lack of ethics in all your dealings. If you are biting someone as a vampire then you feel like you must make your own way and not be dependent on others, which makes you feel like a ‘bloodsucker’. See Vampire.

Black crow (blackbird)

If you dream of seeing a blackbird in your dream, then the next few months will be tedious as you move along in a rut. If your dream is of a blackbird flying, and singing, then you will meet with good fortune. To dream that you are eating this blackbird is an indication that there is someone you need to apologize to.


Dreams about blindness rarely, if ever, symbolize physical blindness. Dreaming of being blind normally indicates a lack of awareness in your own life or actually being unaware of something important. It could also mean ignoring, or “turning a blind eye”, to something that you do not want to know about. Further, to dream of being blindfolded, which is widely associated with firing squads and execution, may indicate that you carry a sense of doom or angst.


Blockage, of any kind, within your dreams can signify repressed expressions or feelings, and exhausted energy flow. If you dream of a blockage in your throat, it may symbolize that you are having difficulties in expressing or voicing your beliefs.


Blood within your dreams can have vivid and elaborate explanations, which can relate to a number of different experiences in your life. Blood oftentimes symbolizes vitality and the force of life. To dream of bloody violence can represent some sort of emotional upheaval in your life.


A wild boar is a potentially dangerous and hostile creature. In a dream, however, the boar can be a symbol of devaluating a person’s or your own personality. Much the same as that old “cliché”, “Don’t be such a boar!” You might be experiencing feelings of boredom towards an acquaintance, situation, or possibly even yourself.


The boat is a dream symbol for your life and/or business, and the dreamer must pull together all the aspects of this dream to approximate the meaning. Such as: the water, whether it is clear, murky, inland lakes, or oceans, was the boat moving, etc., so look up all the dream symbols you can remember and you should be able to glean the sense of your dream. Don’t forget to consider idioms; don’t rock the boat, we are all in the same boat, and so on.


Dreams that give emphasis to the physical body can represent something about your health. To dream of being naked can point to a sense of being exposed or on the spot. Dreams of dead bodies are a different matter – See Death.


A highly volatile attraction, a bomb in your dream can signify a situation that is becoming too explosive and may represent a warning that you need to tread cautiously. It might also mean that you may be extremely wound up and feel ready to explode.


Bones can represent a number of things. To dream of bones can signify a death, either physical or symbolic. Bones can also represent a sense of loss or it might simply be referring to a structure or something.


Books tend to symbolize knowledge and wisdom. Old, dusty, books might portray an old chapter in your life or ill-used, forgotten knowledge. To dream of opening or closing a book might signify the opening or closing of a part of your life.


Dreaming of one’s boss may indicate being overworked. To dream of your boss can alternatively symbolize a mother or father figure. Mother if the boss in your dream is a woman and Father if the boss is a man.


To dream of a bottleneck may signify that you are currently experiencing a tight situation.


Any dream that you have that features boys in any activity is a good omen and bodes well for the dreamer in whatever he/she is undertaking at the present time. Of course, if the boys are injured, or otherwise beset, then you must take the dream to mean an ill omen.


Brakes are a warning dream and more so if you dream that you braked a vehicle and the brakes failed. Failing brakes are a warning not to accept a new offer that you have just been presented with, as there are well hidden snags that can harm more that help. The action of braking itself is an idiom telling you to ‘put the brakes on’, whether it is business or love, or even some impetuous act that could cause you legal trouble. You should also check your brakes on your personal vehicle.


If you dream of a specific person such as a boyfriend, you will need to concentrate more on the other symbols of your present dream as the boyfriend can represent several different aspects or people in your life. A boyfriend can be friend, enemy, lover, companion, or the symbol of any of these things in the emotions. If bodily harm is threatened from this person it would be best to take this as a literal, true, dream and act accordingly.


Boxes have a complex range of meanings in dreams. Depending on the tone of your dream, boxes can represent a variety of meanings such as, the womb, as Freud believed, moving difficulties or experiences, or boxes could suggest a feeling of being “boxed in”, trapped. Boxes can also represent danger, such as in “Pandora’s Box”.


To dream of breasts often suggest sexual intercourse or desire. Breasts may also represent nurturing, either physical or emotional, as well as symbolize the mother figure. Alternatively, breasts may also suggest a sense of feeling exposed.


A bride in your dream traditionally symbolizes purity and innocence. Although to dream of a bride or bridegroom can also signify the obvious, wedding plans, they can also represent someone that you have entered another form of partnership. A business partner for example. (See Marriage.)


Bridges in dreams often suggest physical travel. Bridges can also represent life transitions. Depending on the connotation of your dream, bridges can represent a form of helping you to connect one part of your life, emotion, or spirit, to another part of your self.


The condition of being broken can symbolize anything from being financially or emotionally broke to a physical, forced entry, break-in. This condition also carries positive implications, such as breaking the seal on something new. Breaking in a new pair of shoes for example. Due to the positive and negative possibilities, the condition of being broken greatly depends on the tone in your dream.


Dreams of your own brother or close relatives are difficult to translate because of the extensive history between yourself and them. Often times, to dream of your brother can represent the concept of fellowship, kinship, or brotherhood. It can symbolize an alliance that you share with another.


Bubbles can symbolize many different things, depending on the tone of your dream. Bubbles can represent anything from the womb to merriment to disenchantment.


Buddha is considered, in Western culture, to be a benevolent figure. To dream of Buddha may symbolize a desire for insight, compassion, and a blessing of wisdom.


If you dream of a single buffalo you will see an inordinate amount of income in the next few weeks but if you killed, or injured, the beast then you must, under no circumstances, accept any new venture offered to you. To dream of seeing a herd of buffalo presages peace and plenty. If a buffalo lets you pet it, you will have a tranquil married life.


If the buildings you dream of are stately and majestic you could have too much ceremony in your life and not enough everyday good people attitudes. If the buildings are beautiful with lots of green lawn around them then are you destined for a life of plenty. Should the buildings be dilapidated and in ruins then this will show that you will have business or love problems with the likelihood of loss very high.


Dreaming of a bull can symbolize that you may be being “bull-headed” about something that you need to find compromise on. The Bull might also symbolize a large, powerful, but clumsy person or someone that is optimistic about the future.


A bullet in a dream is a very bad omen. If you are hit with one this is to warn you to have a medical checkup immediately, and if you see a bullet, or several, do not do or say anything that can be misconstrued as you could lay yourself open to some very bad scandal.

Bumble bees

A bumble bee is not a very good omen in a dream as most people associate the bumble bee with pain more then they do any other bee. This is a dream of warning and should be correlated with the other aspects of your dream to get the knowledge meant for you to have. Watch out for enemies in friends clothing, and don’t get ‘stung’.


To dream of attending a burial can signify a closing chapter in your life. A letting go of emotions or of a relationship.


A bus in your dream does not have a specific meaning, in and of itself, however, with the various points of contact that a bus plays in your life, it can have a variety of meaning that depends on the depth of your dream. Buses may represent an action of “following the crowd”.


Butterflies your dreams can carry the same connotation that Birds do, but, because of the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly, Butterflies can symbolize a form of transformation. They can also represent beauty and nesting.


Buttons are traditionally related to clothing, which can represent your outer self. Buttons in a tight row might signify a feeling of being constrained by social roles. To dream of unbuttoning might symbolize an opening of yourself to others, or in some instances, a sexual opening or awakening.

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