“M” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




To know the inner workings of something indicates that attention is being paid to the details of your self and others. If you dream of functioning like a piece of machinery, then your self-image or a relationship may be in need of repair.


The Madonna is a symbol of blessings, the goddess principle of the mystical mother, the giver of life and beauty.


Magic has both positive and negative connotations. Positively, magic may represent a creative mind that will “magically” achieve just what you are hoping for. Negatively, magic, such as black magic, is a symbol for evil and for getting what you want through underhanded tricks.


To dream of a magician doing tricks can indicate that an issue that you are dealing with may be trickier than you originally thought. Magicians can also be symbols of creativity or of evil.


Magnets represent a pulling closer to things that need to be examined or drawn out of the unconscious. They also represent a certain kind of personal power or personal magnetism. They sometimes also represent being inexplicably drawn to something.


Makeup in a dream can imply a cover up to conceal your inner or true self. This can indicate a discomfort about revealing yourself or of revealing an aspect of yourself to the world. At the opposite extreme, you may be feeling that putting on makeup is like putting your best face on for a certain situation or for making a good first impression.


Following a map in a dream signifies that you are being guided and led in a direction that will fulfill your needs, as well as provide you with growth experiences.


Marching in step with a line of soldiers, with a band, or in a political rally can signify participation on a team. Marching alone can indicate that you may have your own ideas and need to follow your own rhythm or tune.


To dream of marriage symbolizes a commitment of your self to another. It can also represent the inner marriage of formerly severed aspects of your self.


Wearing a mask in your dream can symbolize the presentation of a false you to others to protect against ridicule and shame.


The punishment is stronger than the crime when self-inflicted. Physical masochism in a dream can also represent psychological masochism.


Dreaming of a maze is a classic representation of yourself. If you find yourself inside a maze, you may need to consider what paths that you are taking in life. In which direction you wish to go. At the center of the maze, the heart of yourself, is where you will find your darkest and most disruptive forces.


Eating meat can indicate that you are getting to the heart of a matter or that you are finally getting down to the “meat of an issue”. Meat can also represent a bold and hearty grasp of your needs.


Giving or receiving medicine in your dream is a very powerful experience. It is a cure to problems that you know about and to some that you don’t know about. Medicine is a very spiritual symbol of “healing guides” attending to you in your sleep.


Melting ice or snow may suggest a meltdown of frozen emotions that you previously held back. Molten metal may symbolize a major transformation-taking place.


Mending signifies that you are fixing your own problems. Repairing clothing or fabric is to knit or heal what has become unraveled.


Metals are hard but malleable, a potent symbol of strength and character. Metals can also be cold and, because of their association with technology, represent the inhuman side of our society.


Ancient peoples believed that witnessing a meteor streaking across that sky or possessing a piece of a meteor meant that the gods had bestowed a gift from the heavens, which is where the custom of wishing upon a falling star derived. Seeing a meteor in a dream may signify a strong desire to engage in wishful thinking with regard to some aspect of your life.


To see people in military uniforms or specific branches of the armed forces may be identifying with actual life experiences and memories if you have been in the military before. Otherwise, the military in a dream may indicate rigid authoritarian and disciplinary methods that are being brought to bear upon your self or on others by you. It can also point to extreme emotional repression. If you dream that you are on a ship, this may suggest that you are sailing through your emotional issues bravely and dutifully.


Milk is the elixir of life, given from mother to child. If you dream that you are receiving the milk, it can suggest a deep inner nourishment. If you are the one giving the milk to yourself or to someone else, this can indicate much love and caring in your life.


Something that is being ground to flour or meal can indicate the disintegration of the ego and false beliefs in your self. It is the coming to grips with the “nitty gritty” of life, and behaving according to your true values and beliefs.


Going into a mine can represent going into the depths of an issue or condition that you are experiencing in your life. It can also symbolize the inner terrain of your subconscious from which you are taking something valuable.


To meet your own reflection in a dream can symbolize a yearning to see yourself as others see you, perhaps as part of a larger search for your own self knowledge. This might also caution you away from pursuing the search too far – Be ware of your own pride. A cracked or cloudy mirror can reflect the distortions that are projected into the world.


A missing article, such as a set of keys, denotes a sense of being out of control. A missed plane, bus, train, appointment, or time commitment can signify a missed opportunity, and the frustration of being behind and unorganized is also suggested.


Mist or fog can symbolize a confused state of mind, as well as the desire to see things more clearly.


A dream about mixing may occur during a corporate merger or during a social, political, or economic integration. This dream can mean that you are putting together diverse situations or people.


A blemish on the body suggests that something is marring or interfering with your personal esteem or that you are unable to obtain the desired esteem of others. A mole can also refer to the ground-dwelling rodent. It may represent thoughts arising from the dark depths of your subconscious mind, unearthing hidden agendas that need to be brought to light.


If money is a pressing issue in our waking life (debt, unemployment, bad job) dreams of stealing or hoarding money can represent our literal anxiety. Dreams of insufficient money commonly reflect feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness. As a rule, dreams of discovering money should not be interpreted literally. Instead, dreamers should recognize the value they already have “discovered” in their waking lives-an exciting relationship, an intellectual pursuit, a promising business opportunity-that is paying them emotional rewards.


Monks are a symbol of spiritual discipline, asceticism, and inner wisdom. Your own religious beliefs will greatly influence this dream.


Repressed emotions and fears usually cause Dreams of monsters. Some ugly and scary aspect of your personality may also be reflected by this dream.


The moon reflects our inner emotional feelings and the ways we express them. The ebb and flow of the oceans, with respect to the lunar phases, often reflect cyclic increases and decreases of emotional energy states within your self. How the moon appears to you in your dream determines the meaning of this symbol.


New beginnings, the renewal of your life, starting over, enlightenment, and the awakening of your inner creativity are all associated with the morning. An idea that dawns on you or the answer to a problem or situation is sometimes the interpretation of this dream.


Moths live in darkness but are attracted to light. An answer to a condition, situation, or problems that you have kept in the dark may be revealed and brought into the light.


The mother bestows life, love, and nurturing. Seeing a child being nursed suggests shelter, comfort, and protection. Seeing your own mother can reflect guidance and care. Being the mother denotes taking care of your self or of a significant other or partner currently in your life. Alternatively, mother can also be a negative symbol if you have unpleasant associations with your own mother.


Mountains and hills, in dreams, represent challenges that you must face. The steeper the slope, the harder the challenge. In times past, many claimed that to creep up a mountain indicates difficulties in business. Alternatively, climbing a mountain and reaching its peak is symbolic of your achievements and of reaching your goal or goals.

Descending a mountain is like returning after a success and letting go of insurmountable issues. Looking at a mountain can signify the evaluation of a major decision in your life.


A mouse in a dream can indicate much scurrying, flitting, and running about. The scared little mouse in your dream can represent your self, trying to hide and not have to confront things that could get you trapped.


A big mouth indicates gossip and the spreading of lies, or perhaps spoken words of goodness and truth. Romantic or sexual urges are associated with the mouth as well.


As a dream symbol, moving can indicate moving up in life or in your own state of consciousness. It can also suggest changes in your life, especially if you are moving out and into a new house.


Plans or conditions obscured by mud or muddied waters indicate emotional indecision. Solutions or new directions may become clear by washing away mud from shoes or a roadway.


Murder symbolizes aggression and repressed rage at your self or towards others. If you are dreaming that you are the one being murdered, the release of obstacles in your life or a major transformation may in underway.


Valuable ideas or inner gifts that need to be dusted off and brought out into the world are suggested by dreams of a museum. How you relate to the museum in your dream reflect the true meaning of this dream.


Grown totally in the dark, mushrooms can denote a very challenging situation or relationship, especially if the mushrooms are poisonous. If seen growing wild in the forest’s moist earth, your creative ideas may be the solution to the potentially dangerous situation you are concerned about.


To hear or to compose music indicates emotional expression and freedom. It can also indicate playing with one’s emotions, or playing off of the emotions of others.

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