“G” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




Games appearing in a dream may show relaxation, play, or competition. Depending on childhood experiences, we also tend to associate games with feelings of competency or inadequacy. Dream games can express such notions as “life is just a game”, “they’re playing games”, “play to win”, and so on.


Dreaming of being in a gang may be an unconscious expression of the need to achieve things through force and intimidation. If threatened by a gang, you may be feeling that your life conditions, or the factors associated with a certain issue, have ganged up on you.


Garbage in a dream often symbolizes discarding or expelling outworn ideas or eliminating physical, mental, or psychological recessions from your life. It can also represent disposal of excesses that may have been overwhelming you. Smelling garbage may indicate rotting and decaying conditions or situation in your life.


Gardens are a symbol of the inner life and the qualities that you may be nurturing. If you dream of a garden that is enclosed or contains a focal point, such as a fountain, it may represent a geometrical design of your self. A beautiful garden in glorious bloom is said to represent the psyche and the growth of the soul; the transition from earthly realms to heavenly planes, and peace and harmony. A sparse, weed-infested garden suggests that your spiritual needs should be tended to.


The caretaker of a garden could symbolize a spiritual protector, a guardian angel, or God. If you dream that you are the gardener, then your own higher self is tending to your needs.


Gates represent entrances to a new place or new circumstances in life. They also symbolize the exit from old, unwanted conditions. (See Door/Doorway)


The gatekeeper allows passage from one form or condition to another. If you dream that you are the gatekeeper, your dream may symbolize that you should be cautious about what you allow to pass through or hold on to in your life.


The nature of a particular gathering suggests the meaning of this symbol (eg. A happy and social assembly or a sad and angry meeting). Groups also suggest the collective opinion of others.


Ghosts symbolize the essence of what no longer is obtainable. A ghost can represent your feelings of giving up and unreachable goals.


Giants can be good and friendly symbols, like the Jolly Green Giant, however, they can also be fierce and terrifying as the Jack and the beanstalk giant. They symbolize what is outstandingly large and overwhelming in your life, such as giant obstacles or blockades.


Gifts represent rewards for a job well done or for inner spiritual blessing.


See Eye


Having control of one’s world can be indicated by a stationary globe. A spinning globe often symbolizes the opposite situation of that one’s world is out of control.


Trying to avoid getting one’s hands dirty or being in a situation so delicate that “kid gloves” are required for handling it suggests a situation where the utmost diplomacy is required. Alternatively, putting gloves on to “duke it out” indicates aggressive behavior is required.

Glued to the spot

To dream of running away, but being stuck in one spot could represent an attempt to escape some potent inner urge. You may be harboring secret desires that you are unable to realize as a result of fear or shame. (See Immobility)


Gnomes symbolize the magical world of wishes and make-believe related to your inner child or the inner treasures that you may possess.


The sacrificial “scapegoat”, the tenacious “old goat”, and “getting someone’s goat” all indicate the sturdiness of this animal. This symbol is also associated with sexual vitality, especially when depicted as a satyr, such as the god Pan in pagan mythology.


This metal suggests that a bright event in the future may hold one of life’s finest rewards. The color gold also represents a high state of illumination. Dreaming of gold symbolizes your highest material aspirations, with the assumption that they may be impossible to obtain.


“The goose that lays the golden eggs” symbolizes opulent fertility and wealth on the physical plane of life. Also, because the dreaming mind tends to literalize linguistic metaphors and idioms, dream geese can imply that one’s “goose is cooked”.


Grain represents an opulent harvest and is often symbolic of a good life.


Grandmothers are symbols of wisdom and care taking. A grandmother in a dream can indicate that important life lessons are assuming a prominent role in your life. This symbol can also indicate regression into your childhood needs. (See Ancestors)


The grape is a symbol of harvest and of sacrifice. Because of popular images in which beautiful damsels hand-fed grapes to reclining revelers, grapes may represent wealth, opulence, or decadence. Christian rituals incorporate grapes to represent the blood of Christ.


Flowing green grasses, sweeping meadows, or farms suggest an image of peaceful, pastoral lifestyles. The more common grass of suburban lawns can represent domesticity.


Graves often represent the end of the line, the end or death of something, rather than literal death. They also suggest grave issues that require depth of thought and contemplation before making a decision. Because of their underworld connotations, graves can indicate the realm of the unconscious.


Green is widely considered to be the color of healing and prosperity. Money is green in the United States, and plants and herbs are the life-giving color of green. This symbol can also indicate that a project or idea has been given the “green light” to proceed.


Groceries in dreams indicate abundance of nourishment for either the body or the soul. They also indicate a “grocery” list depicting the many chores and obligations that you are trying to accomplish.


Groups of people, animals, or objects may represent the collective consciousness in the arena of mind and spirit.


The gun is a symbol of aggression and protection. You may feel the need for protection from real or perceived danger. The gun can also symbolize aggressive male sexuality.


Gymnastics displays in dreams symbolize agility and strength to spontaneously leap and twist in and out of circumstances and dilemmas, with artistry, grace, and poise.


Dreaming about gypsies may indicate a desire to roam freely without responsibilities and obligations, or to venture forth to seek your fortune by chance.

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