“A” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




To dream of being abandoned signifies that you may have difficulties in shaping your plans for future success. Abandonment in a dream can actually reflect what is happening in your own life, like a relationship break up for example. These dreams may also originate from fears of being abandoned or deserted. As well, such dreams may arise around the same time as the death of a loved one or when some other type of loss has occurred. On the contrary, abandonment might also relate to the expulsion of old attitudes and negative patterns. Abandonment is a powerful, yet general, symbol for various anxieties that you may hold. To dream of abandonment can represent a wide range of different situations from simple loneliness to a full sense of betrayal.


Dreaming of a religious temple, church, monastery, etc., indicates a need to spend some time alone. A time to reflect and gather your spiritual nourishment. However, it can also symbolize isolation from your normal, day to day, flow of life.



To dream of a religious figurehead may relate to authority, either non-religious or religious. It can also be a symbol of a spiritual guide.



Are you giving up something important in your waking life? If so, do you really want to do so, and is the sacrifice really worthwhile? Or is it being made on someone else’s behalf? Were you forced to abdicate, or was it your own idea? Think very carefully about your decision.



Another contradictory dream if dreaming of pain in this area will indicate success due to strong health and vigor. Dreaming your Abdomen is being exposed, is a bad sign however, and is a warning of unfaithfulness or treachery and may come from someone you trust and hold dear. Be extremely cautious.



A dream about being abducted strongly indicates success for you against most opposition whether business or social. If you witness someone being abducted in your dreams then you can expect to get some unexpected news.



When you find something extremely distasteful in your dreams, it is a warning of danger or difficult times. These are usually of an unforeseen nature; but, if the feeling was not very strong and you were simply, slightly annoyed by this feeling present in your dream, then you will overcome your difficulties.



To experience dreams of being abject indicates coming financial changes, usually to the opposite. If the abject altered at some point within the dream then these affects will only be temporary. However if during your dream you respond friendly to in abject approach, it possibly means a substantial financial benefit is forthcoming.



To dream of things that are not normal, and I mean really “Not normal” like a bird with tentacles or a car that is half horse, then this means that very soon you will have a sound solution to your current problems that are weighing on your mind.



To a man a dream containing abortion indicates failure in his kind endeavor. For women it is very clearly a health dream and may indicate her health is in some sort of danger.



Was the country that you visited in your dream pleasant? Were you excited by it, or distressed? The dream could be summing up your feelings about your attitude to life. If the country is strange to you, are you about to start some new project? There may be a suggestion that you are in need of a new challenge or stimulation.



To the man this could indicate possible deceit from his co-workers. To a woman it means she should be very careful where she gives her affection.



Another contradictory dream which may seem the exact opposite. To dream that you practice abstinence from drinking or any other sort of sensual temptation can be and should be considered a warning against being over confidant. But to dream that you have to show abstinence out of necessity indicates that great rewards are on their way.



To dream of having a great abundance of a certain thing is a clear warning to conserve your resources and energies. And dreaming of having a great abundance of a wide variety of things is a very good omen.



If you dream you are abusing someone you are about to suffer repercussions from friends toward whom you have acted less then honorable. If you feel that you are abused, or if you are being verbally or physically abused, you will soon fall into the hands of an enemy. Being forewarned is being forearmed, and your dreams are advising you that you will be the sufferer unless you pay close attention to your dealings in the immediate future.



By nature, an abyss is a symbol of hollow emptiness. To dream of an abyss can represent the need to separate your self from an overwhelming situation or relationship.



A dream that involves an Academy can indicate new friendships, and it warns that they may lead you to costly speculation.



An accelerator or gas pedal or throttle on a boat and possibly even an airplane, can be an indication that you will achieve your objectives with little outside help other then your own efforts. However if the accelerator is jammed or broken and you lost control of it, it is a warning not to develop a habit which could turn into a most unwanted vice.



An accident in a dream can represent a number of things, from direct fears of being in a physical accident or from an accident that has already come to pass. Vehicles often represent the body in a dream and can suggest anxieties towards health. If the feeling, of the accident, in the dream is positive, although violent, it may signify a letting go of some part of your life.



Have you made any acid remarks lately? Acid is corrosive: is something wearing away at you, or have you been making particularly objectionable attacks on someone? The dream may be suggesting that you externalize problems; perhaps you need to speak strongly to someone else.



Have you been showing off lately? Perhaps you are seeking approval from someone. Where you confident in your dream, or did you fall? If so, the dream could be a warning. Acrobatics and sexual intercourse can be linked; Freud suggested that children’s delight in acrobatic performances “is a memory-image, often unconscious, of an observation of sexual intercourse, whether between humans or animals.” In adults, there can be sensual memories of wrestling or acrobatic games between children. But it is often difficult and sometimes painful to make the connection between such images and our later, waking lives.



To dream of becoming another person, or to become an actor or an actress, may suggest that you are not presenting your true face to the world. Dreaming of being a famous or famous historical figure could also mean that you are prey to egotism.

AcupunctureTo dream of having acupuncture can considered healing, since that is it’s primary purpose. However this varies from traditional medicine, so the healing process it is referring to is questionable or experimental depending on how the dreamer feels.



To dream of being an Admiral says that you have a longing to travel, to leave your current surroundings, to take charge of your life. It can also mean that you are up for, or will soon be up for a promotion in your workplace.



Signifies acceptance (if you are getting adopted), rejection if you are putting someone up for adoption. Also it could mean adopting new ideas, or a need to do so.



Did you enjoy this dream, or did you feel guilty? It could be encouraging you to improve your love and sex life; of course it could also be a warning. Perhaps some aspect of your life is getting out of hand, and you need to exercise more self-control. Or are you longing for greater freedom of expression?



Aggression in a dream can point towards repressed sexual or ego needs, especially if you are the main aggressor in your dream. In more general terms, aggression can reflect conflict in your own life.



To dream you have any incurable illness is a fear that something is permanently wrong with you. This could be as broad ranging as feeling your career choice was bad, to as simple as a fear you will never get over the cold you have. To dream of others with aids is indicative of feelings of helplessness or sympathy depending on the context of the dream.



Aside from being one of the four elements of classical Greek philosophy, air is a complex symbol that, deciphering it’s meaning, greatly depends on the full context of your dream. Traditionally, air represents the mind, creativity, ideas, communication, travel, and other related associations. So, air, whether it is foggy, condensed, or clear, can symbolize your ideas or communications.



To dream of an airplane can convey the same meaning as air or can be linked with dreams of falling. Air travel in a dream can mean a craving for a direct, smooth journey through life or a current difficulty. Specifically if you are the pilot in your dream, flying a plane can signify a need for freedom to rise above a particular situation or to escape from everyday concerns or problems. Piloting an aircraft can also mean that you are determined to be at the controls of destiny. An air crash should be taken as a warning against over ambition.


Airplane Crash

To dream of being in this event is a feeling of not only a dramatic negative change in your life, but also to everyone around you as well as your environment. A very negative symbol and should be meditated upon. To dream of witnessing this event is symbolic of feelings of helplessness in the face of a great tragedy. In prophetic dreams this heralds a great change in the distant future (planes are associated with great distance). This change may not be negative.



An airport in your dream suggests that you have a new idea or some venture that is ready to “take off”. If you dream that the planes are unable to leave the ground, your idea or venture may not be ready to fly quite yet. Airports can also represent some transition that you might be going through or will encounter in your life.



Alcohol in a dream mostly depends on the connotations of your dream and your own associations with it. Negatively, alcohol points to escapism, addiction, and self-destruction. To be sober in a crowd of drunks indicates feelings of being left out, or being superior. On a more positive note, alcohol may indicate pure socializing or the release of your own inhibitions.



If an alien enters your dream, it may imply that you are experiencing some difficulty in adjusting to some new environment or condition. A space alien might point to issues relating to your own boundaries and you may be feeling that your personal life is being invaded.



Although alleys have traditionally been linked with sinister or ominous connotations, as a place of getting attacked for example, the nature of your dream greatly affects the meaning of it. Like a pathway, an alley can be a symbol of a path that indicates a pursuit of transformation or can represent a transition from one part of your life to another. However, alleys have also been associated with shortcuts or dead ends and an alley in your dream may communicate a sense of being limited and narrow, which means that they need to be followed closely.



Alligators most always symbolize a problem! To kill or conquer one means you have overcome a problem. To be surrounded by one means you have to choose one bad thing to get out of a lot of bad things. (any way you run you will encounter at least one). To be eaten or killed by an alligator means the problem that is haunting you is likely to do you harm if not cured. To have a pet alligator symbolizes great control over one’s problems.



To dream of eating fresh almonds with gusto and enjoyment foretells the coming of financial gain but if the almonds tend to be a little bitter then your gain will be accompanied by a short time of sorrow. To see a healthy almond tree foretells much happiness and wedded bliss while a blighted tree means just the opposite.



The translation of an altar relies on the specific contents of your dream. Certainly, an altar speaks much differently to a priest than to someone that has never attended a religious service. When an altar does not relate to a religious service, or any specific associations with your church, it commonly indicates a sacrifice of some kind. It might signify the letting go of something or symbolically letting go of parts of your self. An altar might also symbolize new beginnings or dedication.



A dream of an ambulance is an omen that could be taken as a warning against carelessness and indiscretion leading to some major catastrophe in your life. In all cases it is concerning itself with your health, or the inner fear you may have of having contracted some kind of disease, and warrants a trip to the doctor to set your mind at ease.



To dream of being ambushed may portray some disagreeable surprise or unexpected turn for the worse in your life. If you dreamt of travelling towards a clear destination at the time of the ambush, it may signify a sense of being blocked. Ambush can also, more generally, represent a sudden loss or emotional upheaval.



In a dream the amethyst is a gem that signals good luck. In business it shows that you will have a modest income that you will be satisfied with, and in marriage, you will have a calm and happy married life. If you lose a piece of amethyst jewelry then you will see the reverse of these conditions.



Amputation has different meanings, depending on the context of your dream. If the amputation does not refer to the actual removal of a limb, it can refer to the violent removal of something in your life. On a positive side, amputation can also represent the removal of something that was quite close to you, but is no longer needed or desired.


Amusement park

To have a pleasant dream with an amusement park in it, maybe a hint that you may want to start having a little bit more fun in life, getting a little bit more amusement out of things. If the dream finds the amusement park to be dark and empty, devoid of sound, it may be a clue that your lack of amusement may be reaching critical levels. To have a bad dream with an amusement park in it, indicates that you have a problem overcoming your fear of physical risk (the rides).



Dreaming of being put under, anaesthetized, can symbolize the desire to forget some remainder of a painful or terrifying memory or event – emotional, physical, or mental.



If ancestors appear in a dream, you might be searching for a higher moral, elevating your standards of what is right and just, or your spiritual value, especially if you appear in your ancestor’s identity. A dream of ancestors might also be an omen for the future that you are trying to communicate to yourself. Ancestors might also signify a devotion to ideals that carry on tradition.



An anchor in a dream typically reveals implications of stability, security, and a harbor against stormy weather. To dream of losing an anchor suggests feelings of being adrift or lost. Less positively, an anchor may represent a reluctance to change or a tenacious grip on a sense of security that you are not willing to let go of.



To dream of Angels have many diverse meanings and must be thoroughly studied in light of the dreamers lifestyle, beliefs, interaction with others, etc.. One of the meanings is that if the dreamer has been particularly wicked or worked ill to another it could be a call to repeat through prayer. Another is, if you are a person who is basically good you will find peace and joy in the dream, or consolation for some sorrow. In any event, it usually works a change in the dreamer’s life that will move and grow both immediately and throughout life.



Anger in a dream at someone you know is usually an expression of pent-up hostility toward that person. In waking you may not be able to express your anger, because you do not wish to hurt their feelings or they may be your employer. In sleep anger comes out because you have to vent it in some fashion. If you dream that someone is angry at you, then this means that you either suspect that the person in real life is angry at you, or you have that particular paranoia.



Animals most often represent that aspect of ourselves, or parts of our personality, that are present in our ordinary life. It is generally given that the more primitive the animal then the more primitive or deeper the layer of consciousness that represents. To dream of being bitten by an animal may be a manifestation of a fear of animals. What the animal is doing in the dream is also very important, if say, a pig is dancing, then maybe that means that the side of you that likes to over indulge is very happy with that. But if the pig were crying then that might indicate an inner urge to curb and over indulge in habit.



Antlers are inclined to symbolize male masculinity, virility, and male aggression. To dream of antlers can indicate a masculine assertiveness or power.



Because of the nature of ants and the widespread occurrence of fire ants, it is only natural that this little creature find its way into our subconscious as the symbol of pettiness and annoyance. But on a positive note, they can symbolize diligence foresight and teamwork. The little ant is also indicative of organization, and business discipline. In dreams where the ant is related to work issues the ant symbolizes the work ethic or lack of. To be bitten by an ant in a dream can indicate a small annoyance in your life, or if bitten by many, lots of small annoyances in life.



Suppressed problems, worries, or fears can often find a way to express themselves in dreams of anxiety.



A dream of an apartment is usually a simple dream and shows the dreamer the state of finances or other situation he or she may be involved in. A beautiful, lavish apartment indicates you will see a large increase in your income or your family life will improve. If the apartment is shabby and dark then you will experience misfortune and possible loss of a husband, lover, or money. Try to recall the other symbols that caught your eye in your dream apartment and you will come close to approximating it’s meaning.



An apostle dream is much like that of an angel dream but more men then women seem to have these. Usually when an apostle speaks to you in a dream it is a spiritual message for you and deserves the utmost attention you can give it. See Angel.



Depending on the context of the dream, an Apple can signify love (if the apple is fresh and given to someone), guilt (only if one associates eating an apple with the biblical reference to the garden of Eden). In prophetic dreams the apple is considered to be a very good omen, but the interpretation depends primarily on what the details are. If the apples are ripe there is a promise of financial rewards but if the apples were green, bitter, or tainted in some way then you are in danger of losing something through mistake or foolishness that you would have otherwise gained.



To see fish in an aquarium, is indicative of small pleasures that last of short duration either in your life or to come. The condition and size of the fish tank or aquarium, is also an indicator as to the quality and/or quantity of the pleasure.



To argue with someone that you know within a dream, maybe a subconscious expression of a will to argue with a person that you would not readily argue with in real life. In prophetic dreams an argument can also be considered a warning against impulsive decisions and a very clear warning to think before you act.



If you dream your arm or arms have been injured and unusable then this is brought on by a feeling of loss connected with the ability to care for yourself, (if you are an older person), or a feeling of helplessness in reaching out to others, ( in a sense that your arm is bound ), and a restriction of your activities. Your right arm is associated with your outgoing nature, and the left arm represents your supportive or nurturing nature.



To dream of Armageddon, or the end of the world, was very common in the year 1999 when many people thought the end of the world was going to occur at the year 2000. However, to dream about Armageddon now is usually a deep-rooted fear that your world is about to change dramatically. By “your world” I am referring to everything around you, your job, your family etc. in prophetic dreams Armageddon predicts a dramatic change in one’s life, possibly the death of someone close or in some cases, of the dreamer himself (but this is extremely rare).



A symbol of creativity, dreaming of an artist at work may point to a repressed desire. Perhaps a potential artistic ability to showcase in a creative field.



To dream of moving upwards, such as in an elevator or other means, indicates accomplishment and recognition for achievements.



Commonly associated with dreams of loss or mourning. To dream of ashes can mean that you are experiencing the physical death of a loved one or the conclusion of a meaningful relationship. Ashes can also symbolize lost chances or missed opportunities.



If you are the one to be struck down by an assassin then you will not experience the realization of your goals. To see someone else who has been killed, with the assassin still there, and blood spattered shows some very bad luck to the dreamer, as he/she will be brought low by the underhandedness of an enemy.



First of all, anytime you dream of being attacked always exercise extreme caution for the next several weeks, as this is first and foremost a warning dream. If the attacker in your dream is an animal, watch out for that type of an animal, but also notice how some people act like animals. If you dream that you have attacked someone, which is also a warning that your ill mood or temper fits may cause you to harm another and bring chaos down on your head. If you are attacked by someone you know you may have to withstand an attack on your character and defend your honor, so to speak. If you are attacked by an animal be very careful of walking the dark streets or putting your self in the places where you could possibly be attacked by a mugger, etc.. If you dream that you repel your attacker then you will meet with success in your current endeavor, and if you kill an attacking animal then will a stranger save your life.



The attic, being an upper room, shows you have lofty aspirations that you will have much difficulty with, but will win out to your goals after an extended period of time. If the attic is well appointed, and brightly lit, then you will have luck with either love or matrimony. The attic can also represent the mind, and if the attic is chaotic this will be a sign telling you to organize your thoughts for better living.


Aurora Borealis

If you dream of seeing the northern lights and experience a feeling of love and warmth you are probably having a spiritual experience and you should examine all the other symbols found in the dream, no matter how small they are. Usually this feeling of peace and love is an indication that your spiritual state is doing well, but if you are frightened or sad it may be an indication for you to come back into the light of God’s love and care.



Vehicles that you ride in usually reflect two things; the direction you are heading in life, and your body. (the thing you travel or “ride” through life in) This might vary if you are a mechanic or designer of vehicles. Unusually over exposure to a specific vehicle type may easily change the meaning. The condition of the vehicle might give you an idea of your health. Driving an old beat up car down a muddy road on a stormy night would be considered a pretty bad dream! However flying a Lear jet through blue skies with a song in your heart and the wind at your tail would be a rather good dream.



Strangely enough to view an autopsy with no other point of reference (like your own definition, or dream context) is actually a good omen and usually points to new and interesting experiences that are down the road for you, most commonly in a sexual sense.



To watch in avalanche in a dream is to see obstacles coming and have no way to avoid those obstacles. An avalanche is usually a warning, and can be avoided in real life if one is careful and changes a plan or a detail or two. Since an avalanche is very dramatic, it is likely that the dreamer will know exactly what the symbol represents, and other symbols within the dream will likely point to the best course of action. In a prophetic dream if you are buried under an avalanche oddly enough is considered a good sign and you will likely receive a spectacular stroke of good luck! If you dream of others being buried under this avalanche then a change of surrounding is likely to occur.



To dream of waking up, within your dream, is indicative of awakening to new states of awareness in ideas and creativity.



If you are chopping wood in your dream with a sharp axe you will meet a new companion but if the axe is dull, you will not be able to depend on this person. It is also a sign to go slow in any business dealings you may be involved in as you could get a nasty cut from an adverse turn of events.

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