“F” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




To dream of failing at work or in school may indicate an expression of anxiety that you are feeling. If you often dream of failing, you are most likely a perfectionist in everything that you do.


Associated with childhood fantasies and fairytales, fairies, nymphs, gnomes, and magical problem fixers can show unrealistic illusions or a sense of magic with a need to resolve a problem within your life. Falcon

Falcons and Hawks possess many of the same meanings as eagles and birds, of nobility and of high aspirations.


Falling within your dream is said to be a sign of anxiety and vulnerability. It can also symbolize a decline in your energy or status. Falling can sometimes be an omen of misfortune to come, or represent submission to the control of another in, for example, sexual intercourse. Dreams of falling often occur during times of upheaval or Changes of great magnitude in your life.


Family members in a dream normally stand for themselves or for the characteristics that they have helped to form in you, such as motherhood. If you dream of your whole family, you may be attempting to shake off the influence of your father, mother, or sibling by blending him or her in the entire group.


Fans are used to lower sweltering temperatures, which can symbolize a calming effect after having been in a highly agitated or emotional state. However, fans can also have the opposing effect as when a fan feeds the fire, by providing it with oxygen, fans can also signify an elevation in temper or anger. Old fashion, hand-held, folding fans, can signify both the woman and the moon.


Both the farm and the farmer are frequently associated with growth and nourishment. Other aspects of farming are related to numerous stages of the agricultural cycle like planting and harvesting.


To dream of being fat in your dream is a sure sign of overindulgence. However, it can also represent prosperity and abundance. Your dreaming mind will often verbalize expressions in an attempt to convey something to your conscious mind. So saying, an image of a fat person in your dream can signify almost anything from a, “fat cat”, to “fat chance”, or to, “fat head”.


Aside from your Mother, your Father can play a strong and influential part in your psychological makeup. To dream of your Father or a father symbol can be fairly difficult to interpret due to meanings that largely rely on your individual experiences with your father. As a more general term, Fathers represent power, authority, caring, responsibility, and tradition.


A common occurrence, fear translates itself into your fears or anxieties about concrete problems that you are currently facing or from your own inner tensions. For a deeper understanding, you will need to focus on the locale of your fear in the dream so that you can relate it to something that is happening in your life.


Feathers embody all of the same meanings as the dream symbol for Birds. Because feathers are also used in pillows, quilts, and coats, they can represent a softness and warmth.


A fence is commonly known as a barrier or a form of protection. To dream of fences can mean a number of things such as feeling closed in or blocked from doing something that you want to do. It might also mean that you are trying to protect yourself from something to wish to keep something out of your life.


A dream of a ferryboat is frequently a symbol of transport from the threshold of your consciousness to the inner region of your psyche. They can also relate to changes in your waking circumstances.


A field in your dream can have many different meanings depending on the nature and tone of your dream. A wild, overgrown field might represent a sense of freedom, whereas a tended and cultured field may represent fertility, growth, and harvest. A barren and wasted field could symbolize lack of emotions, a great loss, or missed opportunity.


Associated with sex and eroticism, figs and fig trees are notoriously linked with the legendary Adam and Eve, who once wore figs, and who led the way to sin and temptation.


A fight in your dream can relate to a struggle or battle that you are facing in your waking life. Also, the culture in which we are raised can place so many conflicting demands upon us that we are filled with inner tensions, and these various inner conflicts can all be symbolized in dreams as physical fights. As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which meaning is applicable.


Fingers and thumbs have a rich symbolic association because of the wide variety of meanings in various hand gestures. Thus, we may do everything from thumb a ride, to point an accusatory finger at someone, or to point the way. Fingers have other connotations because of certain symbolic rings, like marriage rings, and certain verbal expressions, such as “pointing the finger at the guilty person”. In Freudian psychology, fingers can be a phallic symbol. The particulars of the gesture in the dream should indicate the meaning.


Fire is a combination of heat, passion, and lust. A blazing, raging, and out of control fire expresses our emotions at their most unpredictable and destructive. Deciding to fight or escape from a fire, in your dreams, could reveal your ability or inability to confront your inner most feelings. However, fire also represents light, warmth, and hearth (security); and can be a cleansing potential that clears and opens new vistas and lights the way through the darkness of life. Fire, like many familiar elements from everyday experience, is a complex symbol.

It can symbolize passion, anger, the spirit, cooking, purification, transformation, illumination, and destruction. Our language contains expressions like “being fired up”, “getting fired up”, “getting burned”, and “passing the torch”. The particular meaning of fire in a dream can be determined from other cues in the dream landscape.


Associated with the depths of the unconscious, fish are an ancient and notably potent symbol. Dreaming of a fish may reflect a man’s sexual impulses or a fear of losing his virility. Fishing in a dream can indicate a quest for nourishment, but can also point to a search of your unconscious. Large bodies of water often symbolize the unconscious, so any sea creature can represent a message from the unconscious to the conscious. Fish are positive signs for anyone engaged in therapy or self-transformation. The activity of fishing can indicate a quest, particularly for nourishment, and it can indicate an exploration of the unconscious.


Dreams in which one simply floats can indicate freedom, as reflected in the expression of “free floating”. Floating through the air can have the same meaning as flying. Large bodies of water represent the unconscious mind, so floating in calm waters may indicate being at peace with the unconscious. Often, pregnant women will have dreams of floating.


Because water is a universal symbol for the unconscious, a flood dream can indicate being overwhelmed by unconscious material, such as repressed emotions. It can also represent a feeling of be4ing overwhelmed by circumstances in one’s life. Floods are related to initiation in the sense that they can symbolize the destruction or washing away of the old in preparation for something new. Finally, a flood, as the bursting forth of fluids, can also be deemed as a sexual symbol.


Dreaming of flowers is a usual symbol of blossoming and can also be interpreted as your deep self. Flowers are also natural symbols of beauty, delicacy, harmlessness, and attraction. If the flowers are shriveled and dying, they may represent a dying love. Falling petals can represent your feelings about the possibility of losing your virginity.


Metaphor of personal power in dreams. Flying to escape a pursuer suggests confidence in one’s ability to avoid, or outmaneuver, fears and problems in our life. Difficulty gaining elevation (we have to “bounce” off the ground, or fly around obstacles), suggests doubts about our ability to reach a destination. Fears of landing reflect uncertainty about the future; we don’t know “where we will land.” Dreams of soaring unfettered above the Earth reflect feelings of empowerment. We are confident in our ability to “reach any destination,” and feel “on top of the world.”


Fog represents a sense of being lost and confused. Of not knowing where you are going. Fog can also symbolize the realm of the unconscious, which you may be exploring or attempting to navigate in your dream. Fog can also signify obscurity, either good or bad.


Food can symbolize the taking in of physical or nonphysical nourishment. Food can also represent enjoyment or indulgence. Your dreaming mind will often literalize common verbal expressions, such as “food for thought” and “let me digest that” – in an effort to convey something to the conscious mind.


Feet can symbolize everything from sex to humility. They can also represent mobility, foundation, and freedom. Various metaphors may be represented by literal feet in the dream state like, “taking a step in the right direction”, “give him the boot”, “foot in the mouth”, or “a foot in the door”.


Forests, as a segment of nature not brought fully under the dominion of humankind, are symbols of the unconscious. Thus, travelling into the forest indicates exploration of the unconscious mind. Forests can also represent a comforting refuge against the demands of everyday life.


Forts represent safety and protection. Perhaps you are in need of a fortress against worldly invasion or perhaps you are deliberately erecting barriers against life.


Fountains capture a symbol of emotions and of the unconscious – water – and combine it with the elements of air and light, symbolizing a highly controlled and intellectualized examination of your self. Fountains are also symbols of nourishment and eternal life.


Four is the number of stability on which all is based. The four sides to the square, four seasons, four directions (North, East, South, and West), four elements, and four mental functions – thought, feeling, sense, and intuition.


Foxes are symbols of cunning and craftiness. In older times, they were symbols of the devil. Because of the connotations of such expressions as “fox” and “foxy”, this animal has also become associated with seductive female beauty and charms.


Frogs are associated closely with water, which makes them symbols of the unconscious. Because of the widely known story of the prince who was turned in to a frog and then back to a price, frogs also represent transformation.


Fruits are complex symbols, representing everything from transcendence, to the self, to abundance, to spiritual knowledge. The dreaming mind will often literalize common verbal expressions in an effort to convey something to the conscious mind, so fruit dreams can indicate anything along the lines of “first fruits”, “forbidden fruit”, “fruitcake”, etc.

Traditionally, the apple is connected with the classical love goddess Venus and also with the temptation that Eve presented to Adam. Dreams of apples can also represent breasts and therefore your mother. On a side note, peaches and similarly shaped fruit represent the female genitalia.

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