“K” Dream Interpretation Listing of Dream Meanings




The kaleidoscope signifies the fragments that come together to form a whole, perhaps indicating a diversity of something, such as experience, or piecing together the parts of a symbolic puzzle.


Keys can symbolize having a secret. They can also represent “locking away” your inner feelings. The holder of the key has the power to unlock whatever it is that you feel that you need.


The act of killing in a dream need not be negative. As we grow and change, it often feels like we are killing a part of ourselves during periods of transition. Alternatively, killing in a dream may mean that you have murdered the incentive and enthusiasm for life.


A King is a power symbol, authority figure, either for good or for bad. In a dream a King may represent a boss, father, or your self.


Kissing is often associated with youthful love. It is teenagers, and not parents, who kiss until they are weak in the knees on the escalator in the mall. You can be kissing another, watching others kiss, or experience that “I’m about to be kissed” moment. Kissing another is often wish-fulfillment or sexual acting out. The wish-fulfillment may not be to actually kiss, but to experience the youthful energy of love. Kissing in this sense is the desire for the awakening of passion, not necessarily the passion acted out. Watching others kiss may be a sign of knowing too much about them personally or participating in their lives at too personal a level. The exception here would be if you are watching your partner kiss another, which is an obvious herald of infidelity or a desire for voyeurism in the relationship. The “about to be kissed” moment is an interesting one. Often, it occurs as we wake up. This is the dream that may most accurately reflect a desire for actual passion with another. The reason we wake up is the taboo feeling that perhaps, while we want this, it would not be beneficial to actually participate in it.


A kitchen signifies a place of physical or spiritual nourishment. The food being cooked or eaten in the dream may indicate what food your body is in need of.


A knife can signify the need to cut to the heart of the matter, to lay open one’s innermost fears. It may indicate being stabbed in the back or being the victim or perpetrator or an act of violence. A knife in a dream is also often seen as a male sexual symbol, and is generally associated with aggression.


A knight in a dream can mean that you are looking for that knight in shining armor, your mate, soul mate, or savior. It can also mean that you might possess the sterling qualities revealed in your dream.


Knobs may symbolize turning issues or conditions around so that the dreamer can get a handle on things again. The knob is also a symbol for a threshold for passing from one condition to another.


A knot is an obvious symbol of constraints and restrictions on one’s freedom of thought, feelings, or actions, indicating a difficult situation that needs to be united. Anxieties about getting married are sometimes denoted by this dream symbol. More positively, a knot can symbolize control and having something all wrapped up.

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